Routenote distribution is a FREE fully functional record label/distribution service. Route note's partnership with SoundCloud Music plattform allows artist to monetize their Soundcloud content free of charge.

FREE DISTRIBUTION: The split is 80/20 for free tier plan or
PAID: 100% royalty fee to you for a low $10 fee.

Routenote: Before you sing up make sure this checklist has been checked!

1. You have a valid SoundCloud account
2. You have uploaded your tracks to SoundCloud
3. You have uploaded your tracks to RouteNote for distribution for SoundCloud
4. Your tracks have been Approved through RouteNote's moderation process


The first step to monetizing your SoundCloud content is to approve and enable your profile or profiles within our system. Once enabled you will be able to submit the tracks within that profile for monetizing

Note: You can only submit profiles that you own. You cannot monetize tracks on profiles you do not own.

Upload a song or beat and only choose to Distribute to the platfrom of your choice like only "SoundCloud" or only "Spotify" distribution.

$$ YouTube Id:

  • When someone uploads your song or beat to YouTube, they will get a copyright claim on you or your labels behalf which you will earn revenue from by showing ads over said content.

Start releasing your music today and earn royalties!
SIGNUP with Routenote USE promo code 2f748c5a

All artists who have signed up, please comment here so we can offer FREE Promotion!

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